Department of Renewable Energy


1. Programs of Studies
1.1. BS in Renewable Energy
Duration: 4 years
Number of semesters: 08
Number of weeks per semester: 16-18 (2 weeks for examinations)
Total number of credit hours: 134
Number of credit hours per semester: 17 (only in 8th semester 15 credit hours)
Note: A comprehensive exam will be taken from taught courses before submission of final project report.

1.2. MS in Renewable Energy
Duration: 2 years
Total credit: 30 Hours
[Theory course 24 credit hours + Laboratory work and Research thesis: 06 credit hours]
Number of semesters: 4
Number of weeks per semester: 16-18 (2 weeks for examinations)
Number of credit hours per semester (in course work): 12
• Scholar will have to complete FIVE compulsory and THREE optional courses.
• Laboratory work/Research thesis of 06-Credit hours has to be completed in second academic years i.e., in 3rd and 4th semesters.
• Scholar will submit thesis along with ONE Research Paper published or accepted in recognize journal of HEC from their research work before the final defense

1.3. PhD
The department shall launch the PhD programme of studies in near future. The Energy Research Park will be established in near future in the University of Balochistan. It is mandatory requirement before we embark for our research studies in Renewable energy.

2. Eligibility Criteria

2.1. For BS in Renewable Energy
• FSc Pre-Engineering with at least second division
• A-Level Cambridge (with subject of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

2.2. For MS in Renewable Energy
• BS/BE in Electrical Engineering, mechanical Engineering, Renewable energy or Electronics
• MSc Physics


Each student is required to complete a minimum of seventy-five of attendance in theory lectures and practical classes separately for becoming eligible to appear in the examination that year.

More detailed information regarding eligibility requirement and admission procedure is given in admission form. The complete set of rules governing the admission, attendance and examination can be obtained from the Assistant Registrar (Student Affairs), University of Balochistan, Quetta.